Luxury & Touch

Reef 珊瑚系列是科德诺斯(Gruppo Cordenons)研发和生产的一款极具吸引力和多用途的纸张,给人一种深海瑰宝的高贵感:它的纹理让你想到细沙,岩石,珊瑚以及色彩斑斓的鱼鳞。它是平面设计和包装的理想材料,款式,颜色和手感都给您独一无二的高贵感。


Reef 珊瑚系列有四种颜色,灵感来自于风情万种的海洋生物
- 白,像未开发的海滩
- 红,如深邃的珊瑚
- 蓝,似神秘莫测的海洋
- 黑,如入原始的深渊


Reef 珊瑚系列隶属于科德诺斯(Gruppo Cordenons) Luxury & Touch系列,该系列还有Plike 触感纸--独一无二的触感和Slide,令人着迷的手感。



Luxury & Touch

Created by the Gruppo Cordenons R&D Department, which has worked to achieve the utmost appeal and versatility, Reef gives the feeling of precious treasures of the deep: its texture evokes fine sands, live rock, corals and colourful fish scales. It is ideal for graphic design and packaging that requires style and the look and feel of an exclusive product.

Suitable for any kind of printing, special effects and sophisticated finishing, Reef has played a key role in the luxury paper jet set since its launch: the cover of the official Packaging Première catalogue was made with Reef Blue in 120gsm, giving it a touch of class.

Reef is available in four colours, inspired by the atmosphere of exotic sea life: White, like an unspoiled beach; Red, like the intense emotion of corals; Blue, of the deep sea, and Black, as a dive into the unexplored abyss. The range includes two versions Light, 120 gsm and Heavy, 330 gsm. Reef is part of the Cordenons Luxury and Touch paper collection together with plike, with a unique soft touch, and slide with fascinating appeal. 

颜色 Color 克重 Weight 尺寸 Size
Black 120gsm 720*1020mm
Black 330gsm 720*1020mm
Blue 120gsm 720*1020mm
Blue 330gsm 720*1020mm
Red 120gsm 720*1020mm
Red 330gsm 720*1020mm
White 120gsm 720*1020mm
White 330gsm 720*1020mm